Diabetic foot surgery

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in our country. One of the most dreaded complications of diabetes is infections and gangrene of the foot and leg. Approximately 15% of all diabetic patients get major foot problems in their lifetime.

Keeping in mind the scale of the problem and the preventable nature of this progressively disabling deformity, Our Diabetic Foot Clinic offers comprehensive, detailed evaluation of one’s feet to help identify the small signs often missed. We seek not just to treat those already afflicted with “Diabetic foot” in its various stages, but also educate one and all to develop a proactive preventive approach to tackle the impending complications

Once an infection affects the foot it is important to control the infective episode with antibiotics and in necessary situations with surgical intervention. Dead tissue if any has to be completely cleared to control the infection and for healing to take place in an optimal situation

Our Diabetic foot surgeons are of the best in the country in tackling these problems effectively