Lip Reduction

In some individuals, the lip is too big and turned out, more so in the case of the lower lip. The enlargement causes the inner lighter portion (pink portion) of the lip to be seen outside which looks awkward. Lip Reduction also causes problems by causing dryness and chaffing of the lips.

This could be because of the lip being naturally big or in some, because of the habit of biting the lip and pulling them out. At times the problem maybe with the alignment of the teeth which if present needs to be treated.

Treatment for Lip Reduction involves removal of the excess mucosa ( pink skin of the lips) and the underlying tissue  to make the lip thinner and of a pleasing shape and size. The approach is through the inside of the lip so as to make the scar least obvious. As the healing progresses, the lip is pulled in even a little bit more to give it an aesthetic appearance.

Lip Reduction surgical procedure is usually done under local anaesthesia and patient can go home the same day. The lips usually will stay numb for a week or so and for full recovery may take a few weeks.

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