Facial Re-Animation Surgery

Facial reanimation is the process of surgically correcting facial paralysis- congenital or acquired- through trauma or disease. Many individuals are affected by facial paralysis, a debilitating condition that can have severe effects on your way of life. Facial paralysis can lead to a variety of problems, including the inability to close the eyes, drooling of saliva and a drooping or an expressionless appearance to the face. Patients who experience facial paralysis due to Bell’s palsy, tumor, trauma, stroke, infection, and other causes can attain life-altering surgery from experienced surgeons in the field of facial reanimation. The microsurgeons of Calicut Plastic Surgery have been educated and trained at some of the best institutions in the nation on what is regarded as one of the most complex surgical procedures, and on repair of peripheral nerves that have sustained traumatic injury, leading to loss of motor and/or sensory function. We offer effective procedures which can significantly improve problems caused by facial paralysis and enhance the facial aesthetics.