Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty involves removal of excess fat, tightening of the loose muscles and removal of excess skin. This creates an abdomen that is smoother and flatter often enhancing the body image.

Tummy tuck is most helpful in women after childbirth with loose skin and muscles.  Though most commonly done in women, it is also done in men with huge paunches or following Massive Weight Loss after a Bariatric procedure (internal surgery for weight reduction), and as a part of a Body Lift. It is very effective in those patients who have lost excessive weight by successful dieting or bariatric surgery, but now have loose redundant skin in the lower abdomen.

Tummy tuck procedure is done under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia.  The whole of the abdominal skin is raised like an apron and brought down and stitched at the groin crease after excision of  the excess skin and fat. The navel may also have to be transferred to the right site along with this reshaping surgery. Most of the time, liposuction ( removal of fat through keyholes ) is combined with traditional abdominoplasty to give a much better aesthetic result.

Abdominoplasty surgery necessitates a few days of stay in hospital and post-operative rest of a few weeks before return to normal activities unlike liposuction which needs hardly any off-work period.

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