Scar Revision

“Once a Scar always a Scar…!”

Scars are always present whether it be a planned cut by surgery or from injury. Scars never vanish, but they do fade over a period of time. Scar is the cementing material which the body lays down to bind the wound edges together and can never be totally eliminated. The amount of scar varies from individual to individual due to various factors like the person’s age, heredity, race, skin characteristics and the type,  and the direction, location and depth of the wound.

Scar revision is done to make a bad and conspicuous scar look better or less noticeable.
It is still one of the most rewarding procedures in many though the aim is to only reduce or modify it.

This is done by removing the old scar, making a new thinner scar and one that is more in line with the natural skin creases and hence not readily visible. This could be done by a variety of methods and procedures. The scar may be thick or deep or raised or dark or hard. Depending on its position and age, the decision is taken as to its revision and expected results or improvements.

There is an element of unpredictability in scar revisions since the scarring is also dependent on several factors which cannot be altered (like the person’s skin type)