Gynecomastia – Man boobs

During puberty, hormonal changes may cause the breast to enlarge in boys. This may disappear over time in many. In some, it persists into adulthood and can be very embarrassing.

Gynaecomastia , also called  ‘man boobs’ is due to excessive glandular tissue, increased fat deposit or a combination of both. Pseudogynecomastia is a condition caused by excessive fat deposition especially seen in the obese and can be corrected by liposuction.

Gynaecomastia can be very effectively corrected by a combination of surgical excision and liposuction. It can be done as a day-care procedure also. A cut is made at the edge of lower half of areola (darkly pigmented skin of breast mound) and the glandular tissue is removed. This is done to keep the scar least visible. Removal of by liposuction at the same time, without any additional cuts gives excellent contour improvement.

 A pressure garment is worn for for a few months after surgery. Most men feel confident and relieved after the correction.

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