Parotid Tumor Surgery

Surgery is recommended for almost all parotid gland tumors, whether cancerous or not. Although most tumors grow slowly and are non-cancerous, they will often continue to grow and also can rarely become cancerous. Furthermore, the close relation of parotid gland to the facial nerve supplying the muscles of facial expression makes it liable to be affected by the tumor or at surgery. The main challenge in parotid surgery is  preservation of the minute branches of the nerve which is achieved by the expertise of the surgeon and use of surgical magnification using surgical loupes or the operating microscopes. Thus experienced Plastic Reconstructive surgeons are the best bet in parotid surgery.  Cancerous tumors may require further treatment in addition to surgery. Our philosophy is simple: perform a complete tumor operation, prevent short and long-term complications, and maintain or improve your facial aesthetic appearance after surgery. Incisions, tumor removal, and reconstructive options are discussed with every patient before surgery is performed. Doctors work hand-in-hand with other specialists throughout your entire operation to achieve the best results possible.